Course Overview

Welcome to the Dispensary Technician Certification course through Our 100% online course will prepare you to enter the cannabis workforce. Students who complete the course receive a Dispensary Technician Certificate.

About this course

The course includes eleven learning modules and a final exam. The courses cover all areas of knowledge, including botany, biology, history, safety, and even customer service. Our goal is to establish a high level of comfort in a cannabis dispensary, which leads to great experiences as an employee as well as a customer. Successful completion of the Dispensary Technician course requires a 70% or greater on the final exam. Course estimate to completion is 2-3 hours per module for a total completion time estimated at 33 hours.

Module Topics

1. History of Cannabis and the Cannabis Dispensary Technician

Discover the use of cannabis globally throughout history and today, from medical to recreational use. Next, explore the role of cannabis dispensaries in today’s cannabis industry.

2. Basic Infection Control and Safety in the Cannabis Dispensary

Knowledge and best practices are key in maintaining the safety of employees and customers in a cannabis dispensary. Potential risks and hazards are identified with strategies to minimize the risks associated with conducting regular tasks.

3. The Endocannabinoid System

Learn how cannabis interacts with the human body, particularly the endocannabinoid system. Understanding the endocannabinoid system is critical to understanding how cannabis produces medicinally beneficial physical and psychological effects on users.

4. Phytocannabinoids

As an aspiring Dispensary Technician, know which chemicals in the cannabis plant are relevant and how a customer can expect those chemicals to impact them. This module describes the chemicals and products produced by the cannabis plant.

5. Pharmaceuticals (synthetic cannabinoids)

Learn the origin and how these man-made chemicals interact with the same cell receptors in the brain as THC.

6. The Human Body and Responsive Conditions to Medical Cannabis

Cannabis products have various medicinal effects on the human body. This module describes those different functions of the human body and how they benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis.

7. Modes of Delivery, Routes of Administration and Dosages

Explore the appropriate dosages and delivery methods of dispensing cannabis. Learn how to recommend the best methods to the customer.

8. Effectively Communicating as a Cannabis Dispensary Technician

The role of a successful CDT depends on the ability to communicate with the customer effectively. This skill enables the CDT to draw out essential information from the customer and prepare them to safely use cannabis for best results.

9. Risk Factors, Adverse Effects, and Appropriate Responses to Complications Associated with Cannabis Distribution and Use

Understanding risk factors, adverse effects, and appropriate responses to complications associated with cannabis are critical as a CDT. This module reveals what a CDT should look for and communicate with their customers about any risks or adverse effects.

10. Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Distribution and Use of Cannabis

It is important to fully understand the laws and regulations associated with the distribution of cannabis. Many differ from state to state. Staying within compliance of these laws ensures the safety of the customer and vitality of the business. This module explains many of the common laws associated with dispensaries along with a resource to seek state-specific laws and regulations.

11. The Future of Cannabis Research

Research into cannabis usage and benefits is still very new and ever-evolving in the United States. As a CDT, it is your responsibility to keep up with what is new in the field. As a result, this will help you best serve customers and instill customer confidence in your knowledge of products and product effects.

Keys to Success

To be successful in this course, it is important to be an active and engaged learner. To achieve this, review and explore all of the information presented and take plenty of notes to use in the exams along the way leading to the final exam at the end. You may re-take the exams until you achieve the passing score of 70%.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to grow with the ever-evolving cannabis industry?