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Learn from the cannabis industry’s leading legends, entrepreneurs, and educators. They know what it takes to make it in this quickly emerging, heavily regulated market, because they’ve been doing it for years.

Now they’re going to teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to create your own successful career in cannabis.

Drew Hull
Head of Regulatory Affairs & Product Innovation True Terpenes
Course: Dispensary Agent Certification
Module: Intro to Terpenes

Drew Hull is the Chair of True Terpenes’ sensory program and a big-time cannabis products nerd. From Chromatography to novel gas extraction, Drew has worked with notable chemists and engineers for the last seven years. While each process is different, he ensures all goals align with creating unforgettable cannabis experiences. Drew spends his days running panels of taste testers, designing aroma sensory tools, and mapping the dramatic landscape of cannabis products. Now he's going to share his expertise with you and show you what it takes to find a career in cannabis aromatics.

Nathaniel Vice
Outreach Manager Cannabis Career Academy
Course: Dispensary Agent Certification
Module: Cannabis Business Sectors & Career Opportunities

Nathaniel worked in cannabis retail for over two years at NuLeaf Tahoe. He started as a budtender and was quickly promoted to shift lead within his first six months. He notably sold over a million dollars of cannabis products during his first year on the sales floor. Then shortly after was promoted to head of Product Knowledge, where he trained new hires and created educational materials for the team. Now, he runs our outreach operations and dispensary partnerships. Nathaniel loves to share his expertise and experience with others as he spreads awareness about the benefits of cannabis. In this module, he leads you through the industry's different business sectors and career opportunities.

Dr. Codi Peterson
Pediatric Pharmacist | Cannabis Science Expert | Chief Science Officer of The Cannigma | Educator
Course: Dispensary Agent Certification
Modules: The Endocannabinoid System & Human Body, Cannabinoids 101

Leveraging a decade of clinical pharmacy experience, Codi strives to bridge the gap between healthcare and cannabis through education and advocacy. He is a PharmD graduate from Duquesne University and later graduated with an MS in Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics.

Codi is the Chief Science Officer of The Cannigma, a science-forward media company, and an educator for OCEMT, where he teaches pharmacology to paramedics in southern California. He is co-founder of the Pharmacists Cannabis Coalition of California (PCCC), a public-benefit nonprofit dedicated to educating and elevating California pharmacists in the cannabis space. As well as an advisor to numerous companies in the cannabis industry, including Hembel and the Cannabis Spa Association. He believes cannabis is medicine, and patients deserve access to that medicine, including the right to speak with a healthcare professional. Codi is an expert on the endocannabinoid system and is known for translating science into simple terms, so students easily understand how cannabis affects the human body.

Jolene Bettis
Account Executive Binske
Course: Dispensary Agent Certification
Modules: Routes of Administration, Foundations of Budtending, Effective Communication Techniques

Jolene’s career started in hospitality training staff in service excellence. After diving into the legal Cannabis market, she spent years focusing on science, compliance, and her community while working for an analytical testing lab. She has utilized this knowledge in every position, especially on the sales floor while budtending at Urbn Leaf. She is passionate about educating consumers as well as fellow staff. Now, she's going to teach you what it takes to be a great budtender and share her tips for finding sales career opportunities within the industry.

Eric Goepel
Founder, Veterans Cannabis Coalition | Director of Veterans Affairs for the Los Angeles chapter of NORML
Course: Dispensary Agent Certification
Modules: History of Cannabis From Ancient Times to Today

Eric Goepel is an Army veteran of the Iraq War, an advocate, and organizer who has dedicated his time to ending cannabis prohibition and removing barriers to people understanding and accessing the plant.

On Capitol Hill, Eric has lobbied, both independently and with VCC as a member of the National Marijuana Justice Coalition, on the first cannabis reform bill to pass Congressional committee, the VA Cannabis Reform Act, and the first cannabis descheduling and restoration bill to pass the House--the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act.

In California, with VCC and LA NORML, Eric has helped create a network of nonprofits, licensed cannabis industry operators, and patients that has distributed more than $4 million in free cannabis under the state's compassion law, the Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act (SB-34). Eric continues to push for national reform while trying to demonstrate, at the grassroots level, the power that cannabis has to improve both individual quality of life and overall public health.

Steve Philpott Jr.
Environmental Biology Researcher, Chicago State University | Scientific Advisory Board Member, The Cannigma | Urban Agriculture Adjunct Instructor
Course: Dispensary Agent Certification
Modules: Cultivar Selection - How Strains Are Named

Steve is a former active-duty U.S. Marine and currently an environmental biology researcher, and urban agriculture professor. While deployed in 2011, he suffered an injury that led to multiple surgeries and opioid prescriptions with considerable side-effects. After seeing how dangerous and addictive opioids were becoming in military service members, he began his path towards a deeper understanding of nature, health, and wellness. After finishing his honorable service as a Marine, Steve went back to school to study the human body by obtaining his B.S. in Kinesiology and Nutrition, ultimately spending 6+ years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Scientist.

In 2020 when recreational adult cannabis became legal in Illinois Steve worked as an Inventory Manager for Verilife opening multiple dispensaries owned by the largest privately owned MSO in the U.S., Pharmacann. After working in the dispensary and seeing first-hand the gaps in retail product health and safety standards, he decided to enroll in a Master's program as a graduate research student. In addition to his own research he is also a research trial contributor for the Midwest Hemp Database and Cultivar Check Program.

Steve’s unique past experience combined with his present research have led him to become a subject-matter expert on cannabis cultivation and now he’s sharing all his best tips for identifying and recommending the right strain.

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