How to Break into the Cannabis Industry
How to Break into the Cannabis Industry

Have you ever dreamed of a career that was both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding? Maybe it’s time to break into the cannabis industry and try something new. Opportunities are constantly emerging as more states shift to legalized markets. From budtenders to growers and lab technicians, there is no shortage of possibilities for creating a successful career in cannabis. 

Whether you’re still in school and need a part-time job or looking to start fresh and find a new career there are many ways to break into the cannabis industry. 

Ready for the challenge? Read on as we give you our best tips for getting started in the cannabis industry.

Educate yourself on the business of cannabis.

Learn about the different types of business models in the industry.

Understand the legal landscape. 

Study the applicable laws for selling and possessing cannabis in your state.

Develop an understanding of the different product offerings.

Know how to differentiate between each product type and how it might affect others. 

Identify your area of interest or expertise within the cannabis industry.

Does a plant-touching role like budtending or growing interest you? Or would more of an ancillary role like graphic design or accounting align more with your experience?

Research companies in your sector of interest.

Search job boards like Vangst, Flowerhire, Indeed, or LinkedIn to see what cannabis career opportunities are available in your area.

Build your Network.

Connect with other professionals in the cannabis industry through online communities and in-person cannabis events or conferences.

The cannabis industry is growing at an unprecedented speed. Perhaps it’s time to break out of traditional roles and consider a new  career. If you are driven and motivated to take the leap and try something different, utilizing the strategies outlined in this post will help fast-track your success. 

Take the plunge today by enrolling in our Dispensary Agent Certification program. One thing is sure: there’s no better time to break into the cannabis industry than now! 

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