Dispensary Agent Certification


In this online course, you will learn about the communication skills necessary to turn your cannabis product knowledge into effective customer service, sales, and long-term relationship management.


Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • List examples of positive and negative body language.
  • List skills for active listening and effective verbal communication.
  • Identify the unique factors in the Cannabis Dispensary environment which present customer service challenges.
  • Describe the behaviors and characteristics of professionalism as it applies to the Cannabis Dispensary Technician.
  • Apply basic concepts of communication, interpersonal relations, and stress management to the Cannabis Dispensary Technician.
  • List the types of diversity present among Cannabis Dispensary customers.
  • List appropriate ways to resolve conflict situations.
  • Identify six ways to enhance the intra-cannabis dispensary communication network.
  • Discuss effective verbal and nonverbal communication appropriate in the workplace.
  • List the typical reasons for telephone use by Cannabis Dispensary staff and the characteristics of good telephone techniques.
  • Describe how to prepare customers for Cannabis use, how to answer inquiries concerning types of cannabis and implications of its use, and what to do if a customer disagrees.
  • Discuss important distinctions between recommendations and prescriptions.
  • Formulate appropriate patient education on the safe use of cannabis.
  • List the causes of stress in the work environment and discuss the coping skills and techniques used to deal with stress in the workplace.
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