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Training Hacks For Your Dispensary Staff Training Hacks for Your Dispensary Staff

As a new dispensary owner or manager, you’re tasked with multiple responsibilities, not the least of which is assembling a stellar team. Building a top-notch staff isn’t just about hiring the right people; it’s also about training them the right way. Here are 5 Training Hacks for Your Dispensary Staff: 1. Compliance & Technology Since […]

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Budtender Training Certification Budtender Training Certification: What You Need to Know

Are you passionate about cannabis and interested in pursuing a career as a budtender? One of the best ways to gain the necessary knowledge is through a reputable budtender training program, like our Dispensary Agent Certification course. Our Dispensary Agent Certification program provides students with a solid foundation of cannabis knowledge, customer service skills, and […]

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The Main Types of Cannabis Businesses

Broken down into two categories: those that touch the plant and those that do not. In the United States, cannabis is legal in some form in more than half the nation. With more states moving towards legalization the demand for jobs is on the rise. In 2021, the marijuana industry’s economic impact is forecast to […]

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