Minnesota Legalizes Marijuana
Minnesota Legalizes Marijuana For Adults Over 21

Minnesota legalizes marijuana, making it the 23rd state to allow recreational cannabis for adults 21+.

As of Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Minnesota joined the growing list of states embracing progressive cannabis laws. This marks a pivotal moment, as Minnesotans aged 21 and older can now grow, possess, and consume marijuana for personal use.

Here’s what you need to know about the new laws as Minnesota legalizes Marijuana:

The New Law: Possession and Home Cultivation

Per HF 100, individuals who are 21 and older are allowed to:

    • possess up to 2 pounds of cannabis flower for personal use within the privacy of their homes
    • and up to 2 ounces in public.
    • The law also includes provisions for possession of cannabis concentrates and edibles.

Seltzers, gummies, and other consumable products made using up to 5mg of hemp-derived THC are still legal. These products are available at a wide range of retailers, but they are now subject to a 10% sales tax.

Home cultivation is permitted and individuals are allowed to grow up to eight marijuana plants for personal use. However, only four of these plants can be in the flowering stage at any given time.

Tribal Government Initiatives

While marijuana retail stores won’t open immediately, Tribal governments in Minnesota have taken their own path in setting regulations. Both the Red Lake Nation and The White Earth Nation have announced plans to sell recreational marijuana on their reservations as early as August 1, 2023. This will give tribal members and visitors an early opportunity to purchase legal cannabis products.

Public Consumption Guidelines

The new legislation allows individuals to smoke cannabis in many public spaces, including:

    • sidewalks
    • parks
    • and restaurant patios that permit smoking.

However, it’s worth noting that some cities are moving towards adopting ordinances to restrict public consumption.

Smoking cannabis is explicitly prohibited in: rental apartments, cars, indoor public spaces, workplaces, or any location where minors might be exposed to second-hand smoke.

Driving and Drug Testing Implications

Driving while under the influence of marijuana remains illegal.

Additionally, drug testing for cannabis as a condition of employment will no longer be required at many workplaces. Though certain professions and job roles may still necessitate pre-employment screening or testing for policy violations.

Expungement of Low-Level Marijuana Offenses

One of the most significant positive impacts of this new law is the expungement of low-level marijuana offenses from over 60,000 Minnesotans’ records. This process is automatic and might take up to a year, giving those affected a chance to move forward without the burden of past convictions.

Creating New Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

Now that Minnesota legalized marijuana, we will begin to see an exciting wave of job opportunities and economic growth throughout the state. As the cannabis industry expands, professionals in various fields will be in high demand. From cultivation and retail to manufacturing and research, there will be diverse career paths available for those willing to embrace this burgeoning sector.

With individuals now able to possess and cultivate cannabis legally, and the state poised to launch its cannabis industry, there is no better time for individuals to educate themselves about this evolving field.

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